Sunday, January 05, 2014

Likelihood of visa restrictions and sanctions increasing..

"Gianni Pittella, the Vicepresident of the European Parliament, spoke in Kyiv’s Maydan Nezalezhnosti in front of several hundreds of demonstrators who support Ukraine’s integration within the EU.
Vicepresident Pittella stressed that Liberty and Democracy are rights that must be respected in Ukraine, and he added that Ukraine is an European country for historical, cultural and social reasons.
“I’m gonna ask the European Parliament to provide visa sanctions for those Ukrainian authorities who do not respect human rights and democracy. It is not tolerable that opposers and their advocates are jailed and political prosecuted, as well as journalist are beaten” Vicepresident Pittella said.
Vicepresident Pittella added that he will push the Italian Parliament to fight for Ukraine’s integration within Europe during Italy’s rotating Presidency of the EU, and underlined the necessity Italy will offer medical treatment for Yulia Tymoshenko as well as Germany already did.
“You are our brothers because you, the Ukrainians, are a part of Europe. The Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament and the Secretary of the Democratic Party of Italy Matteo Renzi send to Ukraine, through my speech here in Kyiv, their support for your nonviolent struggle for Europe and Liberty” Pittella stated."

Despite some contrary opinions, application of sanctions are certainly worthwhile, not least because of the moral boost they would provide to opposition activists. The also let organisers of violence against peaceful protesters know that their is a price to be paid for their deeds.

p.s. Former president Yushchenko knowingly gave false testimony when he appeared as a prosecution witness in the Tymoshenko gas case, according to some experts. In most countries such a crime is punishable by lengthy imprisonment.  He likes to 'swan around' capitals of the world on the back of what little reputation he still has. Put him on the list too..

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