Thursday, February 20, 2014

A few fear amongst protesters in face of terror

Some random notes from various commentators including the experienced Hennadiy Moskal -

Yanuk was warned, even by Russian FSB specialists, the operation against Maidan would not only be v. bloody but ultimately unsuccessful. Clearing 10's of thousands from a city square, esp. with lots of barricades and obstacles in no simple matter. But president Yanukovych convinced himself Maidan would be cleared in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Ukrainian army is three times smaller in total than internal army and Berkut and other security forces together. The army has no place in tackling internal conflicts.

No-one at all on the Maidan will listen to pleas from any of the opposition leaders to pack up and go home, as proposed by Yanukovych. Opposition leaders do not control Maidan...or their actions.

Only Minister of the Interior Zakarchenko had authority to launch the operation to clear Maidan which was called 'Khvylya'. Moskal names those who organised the operation, but M.of I. has to carry the can for the bloody mess.

Paramilitary titushky are brazenly working 'hand in glove' with police across Ukraine - similar to Latin America in the '60's. They are systematically committing crimes, robberies, muggings etc. across the country with impunity. The police are only concerned with challenging opposition protesters, not solving any other crimes against the public. An absolute disgrace - in your blogger's opinion the use of these thugs under the aegis of Zakharchenko is the worst aspect of the current troubles.

Professional officers in Internal Army and Berkut have all been replaced by incompetent Donetski...hence idealistic, well-motivated protesters will ultimately win through in the end against this banda. Body language of Berkut indicates v. low morale..just 'want out'...but cannot leave because no other jobs available. No bad soldiers..only bad officers. Illegal, modified weaponry is being used against demonstrators because Berkut troops are out of control. They have been given the signal that 'anything goes'..Official documentation reveals illegal grenades are being used against civilian protesters.

Terrible stories of torture of prisoners. Many injured are being stolen from hospitals and clinics immediately after receiving treatment. Many brave Kyivans are taking seriously injured to their homes after being treated, for safety. Ukrainian doctors and other medical personnel, frequently maligned in the past, are providing magnificent service in improvised field hospitals, in churches etc.

Some, probably many titushky are hardened criminals, rather than sportsmen hired to disrupt political meetings and hassle opposition activists... Titushky are now working in tandem with police patrolling streets in Kyiv...just as in Nazi Germany. Even many PoR sympathisers are outraged and terrified by the appearance of titushky.

Road control police [DAI] stationed on street corners and on many road blocks have been armed. They brandish their weapons with no regard to the terror this strikes. Public transport is not running. A de-facto state of emergency exists. So who are the fascists? Demonstrators, or law enforcement agencies?

Tonight maybe 50 thousand fearless, well motivated protesters on Maidan ...  has this convinced Yanukovych to tell Yatsenyuk Maidan will not be stormed tonight...can this be true? But Maidan is surrounded by thousands of v. mean Berkut storm troopers, internal troops with their heavy equipment, and titushky..

The only people who can seriously influence Yanukovych right now are Putin, Obama, Biden, and Ukrainian oligarchs. If all these apply pressure, then there is chance he will go., otherwise no way..

The totemic, almost mystical significance of Maidan should not be underestimated. That it still stands is incredibly important to protesters..Its defence last night against incredible odds will be long remembered as a landmark in Ukraine's history...


Unknown said...

Absolutely tragic. I wish I could stand shoulder to shoulder with those brave people on Maidan.

The only small glimmer of positivity from this is that Yanuk and PoR are finished. All the while under Yushchenko they were the main non Orange alternative. This has shown them for the utter autocratic scum they are. There will be no PoR at the next elections.

Unknown said...

Well said.

UkrToday said...

The only glimmer of hope is that constitutional reform including the removal of presidential power and the establishment of a parliamentary democracy will be restored.

Ukraine has struggled to adopt a Parliamentary system of government since independence.

former President Victor Yushchenko opposed Ukraine becoming a Parliamentary democracy and went as far as unconstitutionally dismissing Ukraine's previous democratically elected parliamentary government. Yushchenko, who supported Yanukovych's election in 2010, set back Ukraine;s democratic development decades.

Amendments to the constitution need to go further than those initiated in 2004. It needs to remove all power from the President and include reform to the parliament and legal system to reflect European values and models

The Westminster system of government where the executive is elected from and by the parliament is a worthy model of consideration.

The head of state should also be elected by a 2/3rds Majority of the parliament, as is the case in Estonia, Latvia and Hungary

The Parliament need to be truly Representative of the people of Ukraine

A good model is to divided Ukraine into 50 or 90 local electorates with each electorate electing 9 or 5 members of parliament (total 450) by a system of proportional representation

Fresh parliamentary elections should be held immediately following the adoption of the new constitution and reforms

A;; parties must learn to respect and work within the system of democracy for the good of Ukraine.

Hopefully we will NEVER see a repeat of the senseless Violent and riotous behavior we have seen in the last few months. Much of which was initiated by extreme ultra-right wing nationalists.

all persons and world government should stand united in condemning the use of violence as a means of achieving political goals.

Democracy and rule of law must remain paramount.