Friday, February 21, 2014


There are people who want to comment here justifying or whitewashing or minimizing what happened yesterday. Close to a hundred unarmed people gunned down in the streets of Kiev by snipers.

Take your comments somewhere else. There are lots of other places on the web where people are relishing what happened yesterday. They'll happily welcome you.

Not here. I won't let comments like that through. Not anymore. I have had it with the people who have supported and justified this regime in its corruption and now in the slaughter of innocent people. I'm not going to let that be perpetuated in this blog.


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UkrToday said...

Well said

The violance and events of last week can not be justified. There is no doubt that the coup is unconstitutional. Whether you support Yanukovych or not. Ukraine has to live with this.

What is clear is that Yanukovych has lost authority and support.

The tuning point was when he lost the overwhelming support of the Parliament. Over 2/3rd of the current parliament voted against the president and have made moves to support his impeachment and to remove presidential power.

This says a lot.

Mpoves to reinstate Parliamnetary rule is a step in the right direction. Ukraine must now take the next step and the one after that.

It must rebuild democracy and bring the people of Ukraine with it. That means reaching out to the Russian speaking apart of Ukraine and tempering the views and expectations of the radical ultra nationalist Right sector.

This is not a case of spoils to the victors or the exchange of one dictorship or another.

Ukraine must not embrace the US or NAO but should work with the EU and with Russia to ensure Ukrainian independence and to rebuild a democratic state based on Parliamentary rule of law and democracy

It must shine a light on the mistakes of the past, both under Yushchenko and Yanukovych and previous regimes

This can be dine in parallel with rebuilding the state.

One suggestion is to invite renowned international independent Jurists, such as Michael Kirby who recently undertook a review of Human Rights abused in North Korea, to head up a commission of review of Human rights abuse in Ukraine.

No one should be spared.

The commission should review all complaints including ten events of 2007, 2009, 2010 the jailing of Tymoshenko and other opposition leaders and the events of 2013/2014