Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Encouraging opinion poll

Interesting poll on the website.

Site visitors were given several possible alternatives to the question:

There has been a change of power in Ukraine. What will now happen in the Donbas region?

State officials and businessmen will redivide spheres of influence, but for ordinary people nothing will change - 32.2% (1323 people).

Under the new regime there will be no corruption, kickbacks and rake-offs, which means that for all Ukrainians, regardless of region, life will become better. 34.7% (1423 people).

The new authorities will take revenge for Yanukovch  and repressions will begin - 15.9% (653 people).

The region will be mired in a protracted confrontation - 12.2% (501 people).

I'm not from the Donbas, and I do not care what will happen there - 4.9% (203 people).

Total voted [to date]: 4103 people.

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