Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pshonka's sickening palace [Updated]

If you thought Yanukovych's Mezhyhirya was Micheal Jackson's Neverland on-Dnipro...

check out Former Prosecutor-General of Ukraine, Viktor Pshonka's  palace here 

Update:  check out video here [Essential viewing]

And also here with Pshonka dressed as a Roman emperor....

This is a man...a disgusting filthy pig of a man... [sorry, but it has to be said] has only ever worked as a prosecutor... throughout his career.

Pshonka was allegedly involved in the murder in 2001 of journalist Igor Aleksandrov in Slovyansk
who was investigating Pshonka's links to local organised crime gangs.

A vagrant who was allegedly being set up to 'take the rap' for the murder, himself died, probably murdered, later, in suspicious circumstances to wipe the slate clean.

Pshonka most likely covered up many of the dozens of murders that took place in Donbas in the early and mid nineties. The rewards for his dirty deeds can be seen inside his house.

Pshonka, is one of the most repugnant long-time confidants of Yanukovych. He would, you can be sure, have provided legal cover to any killing of protesters by snipers,,

ps. What is it with these guys..the gut-wrenchingly appalling kitsch bad taste...the fetish with religious artifacts...bathrooms...with self obsession [see photos below]- it says "The law, honour, dignity"...?

All of the crap in the house should be sold, if a buyer can be found for this trash, to provide some help to the dozens of bereaved families left after the events of the last few days...The house should be bulldozed....

p.p.s. Maidan should now be insisting: Let us examine the interiors of the properties of all current ministers and officials....the Hermans, the Oliynyks, the Rybaks, the Yefremovs, the Chechetovs, the Tabachnyks Yushchenkos etc. etc. etc. and also those of any newly appointed cabinet.

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