Saturday, February 01, 2014

Bohoslovska's predictions [Updated]

A most interesting interview with former PoR parliamentary deputy, Inna Bohoslovska, who recently left PoR to become an independent outspoken critic of the Ukrainian authorities, on a couple of hours ago. Bohoslovska is considered by some to be 'bullet-proof' and free to to criticise Yanukovych, under the 'krysha' of oligarch Viktor Pinchuk.

I hope it will soon be posted on YouTube.

Update: The imo important hour and one half interview can be seen on YouTube here. I believe she provides a true picture of the inside workings and current attitudes inside the PoR parliamentary fraction, particularly following Yanukovych's unprecedented visit to force his deputies to vote for a bill to provide amnesty to demonstrators conditional on the clearance of streets and buildings seized during protests.

Amongst her many revealing comments she claimed all that stands between a peaceful resolution to the current Ukrainian crisis and major bloodshed are 40-odd rebellious PoR parliamentary deputies. Even though they crumbled before Yanukovych a couple of days ago, they remain vital to any political resolution to the crisis.

Yanukovch is aware of this and will do his utmost to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada because, as Vitaliy Portnikov says, it offers an alternative platform for dialogue between EuroMaidan and the opposition.

Even though the president does not have the authority to dissolve parliament, current parliamentary speaker, and old-time Yanuk crony,  Volodymyr Rybak does not exclude such a possibility.

Bohoslovska claimed the EuroMaidan was to be cleared by force on the 28th, but statements by Rinat Akhmetov and others denouncing violence, and phone calls from US VP Joe Biden, saved the day.

Also Yanukovych does not have the 50% support of the electorate to become a tyrant.

Many PoR deputies were prepared to cast a blind eye on the massive corruption by 'The Family' in recent years because signing of the Association Agreement was so much more important.. When signing the AA in Vilnius fell through last November, the situation became a different ball game.

After the Sochi Olympics Bohoslovska suggested there will be an attempt by Russia to 'nibble off' portions of Ukraine, particularly Luhansk and Kharkiv oblasts, and maybe Crimea. Kharkiv would be a big problem because although the local strongmen, Mayor Gennady Kernes and Regional State Administration head Mykhaylo Dobkin would be co-operative if such a turn of events were to occur, the local population, in particular, young students could react unpredictably.  This scenario is being organised by Putin adviser Vladislav Surkov..

Bohoslovska suggested the recent sadistic kidnappings of EuroMaidan leaders, including Dmytro Bulatov, had the hallmarks of Kharkiv crime gangs on them, in particular of the  'Oplot' organisation.

She admitted that 90% of Ukraine's 11,000 judges were completely corrupt and should be replaced, and that this would be a good starting point in any major reform. She also admitted that although judge Kireyev who presided over the Tymoshenko trial was also 'bent', Tymoshenko was a crook in any case, and that had she been leading the opposition right now, there would have been a blood-bath.

p.s Germany's top-selling newspaper carries the story above: :Tortured with electric shocks...half his ear cut off, my friend [Dima Bulatov] was cruelly Vitaliy Klychko"

Berkut can act with impunity...not one of their ranks has had to face criminal charges since the troubles began despite dozens and dozens of recorded incidents of excessive use of violence..torture, maltreatment etc. etc.


elmer said...

the problem with Shrieking Shrew Boogooslonskaya is that she is not to be trusted.

She has pulled her "I'm leaving the Party of Regions" act many, many times before, as everyone has seen, and as noted in comments at Ukrainian Pravda, for example.

According to her, the courts are crooked - but Tymoshenko should still be in jail???????

She is the one who is "bent." She has long had a psychotic obsession against Tymoshenko, and it shows once again.

For example, it was evident on the Savik Shuster show, when she literally chased Tymoshenko around the studio, and Savik had to pull the Shrieking Shrew off of Tymoshenko.

She is odious, hideous and worthless.

She is not to be trusted, and she has pulled this act before.

She's one of those that needs to go to Austria along with Azarov.

LEvko said...

Hi Elmer - Bohoslovska is a repugnant cynical hypocrite...but nevertheless, I believe in this interview she provides a truly revealing picture of the rotten, degraded core of Yanukovych's power structure.

elmer said...

I understand what you're saying, and I agree.

But to me her words ring hollow and are disgustingly self-serving.

She claims that Ukraine would have tyranny under Tymoshenko, because she is no different from Yanusvoloch.

She claims that she supported the Orange Revolution, and that she had nothing to do with corruption.

But she supports and has supported and fed off the Bolshevik Regionnaires and Pinchuk, who are brutally corrupt, and who implemented and in the case of the PoR, implemented dictatorship.

She supported Yanusvoloch's rotten power structure.

To say that she is a snake would be an insult to snakes.

elmer said...

follow-up - the only thing the odious hag Boogooslonskaya said that was true is the Yanusvoloch is a moron