Saturday, May 05, 2007

He who laughs last..

President Viktor Yuschenko and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych today reached agreement on organization of early parliamentary elections.

"The most important thing in our agreement is that we have made a fundamental decision on organization of early parliamentary elections," said Yushchenko.

But LEvko says this does not necessarily mean Viktor Yushchenko is out-maneuvering the anti-crisis coalition and the government of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych.

Almost 50% Of Ukrainians polled By Sofia Center condemn Yuschenko's decision to dissolve the V.Rada.

This is bad news for NU and BYuT - there will be a price to pay for forcing early elections which half of the electorate consider unnecessary.

Today Yushchenko also appointed a second new judge to the Constitutional Court - Vasyl Kostytskiy [see photo - would you trust this man?]. The ukaz is posted on the presidential website.
Kostytskiy is a former pro-Kuchmist SDPU(o) party VR deputy, and a deputy head of the state judicial administration.

In the first Yanukovych administration he was deputy finance minister. He later headed the state mortgage board where he "loyally carried out Kuchma/Medvedchuk's policies," and was sacked in November 2005 following a financial scandal. The talk was that only several hundred thousand dollars were involved.. peanuts really.

Piskun - Havrysh - Kostytskiy...Yush sure knows how to pick 'em - come back Syuzanna Stanik..all is forgiven. Its the few 'bad apples' like these who give the remaining five per cent of judges a bad name..


Anonymous said...

I agree with the headline "Pessimism and Deception in Ukraine"
though some of the content has me sputtering like "The hastily-reached compromise " (hastily reached? they have been at it for over a month now!)

and "The head of Government, who is also a target of the President Parliament disputes, told a crowd gathered at Kiev s Independence Square that he agreed on the compromise to prevent a division of the country and destruction of the economy." (oh poor good guy Yanu - though did he tell the people who wants a division of the country and that his own govt is destroying the govt?)

but what can be expected from the Latin Press?
Virtual politics rule!

Anonymous said...

It is stuff like the following that ticks me off about Yulia - where was she when the fight was on? Argh.

"Ukraine's Opposition Leader Pledges to Help Solve Political Crisis"
Ukraine's main opposition leader and former prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, says lawmakers from her party will participate in legislative action to resolve the country's political crisis.

Anonymous said...

BTW Anyone hear Vitrenko's strident, ahem, dulcet tones? Or has she been filed under the "whatever happened to ..?"