Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tymoshenko suspects treachery

BYuT's website posts an announcement today: 'BYuT is disturbed that the negotiation process between the main political participants have moved deeply into the lobbies [kuluary]' - in other words they are deeply concerned that Yu and Ya are going to 'shaft' Yulka yet again.

'Gazeta po Kiyevski' has a story today amplifying this theme:

"Tymoshenko's people are sure the President and premier have secretly agreed to form a coalition"

BYuT frankly do not trust Yushchenko. In their opinion, the guarantor of the constitution and the premier are settling the last details of the PoR/NU coalition in the new parliament.

According to unofficial information, Yuliya Tymoshenko this morning visited the President's secretariat, even though Yushchenko departed for the Cherkasy region today .

'Lady Yu' probably decided to talk things over personally with Presidential secretariat head Viktor Baloha, and to learn what the President and premier had secretly talked about yesterday for more than 5 hours.

Tymoshenko is nervous, because she has few levers to influence the negotiation process [on the snap elections]. Frankly speaking, she is 'out of the loop' - all she can do it wait for the tactical impacts.

Tymoshenko has recently abstained from making comments about the President negotiating with Yanukovych, and about the creation of a coalition in the future parliament in exchange for agreement on autumn elections. It was only yesterday, after the secretive encounter betweenYushchenko and Yanukovych, that lady Yu finally recorded her position. "If required, I am sure that the President will set the central election committee to work, and the President will set the Procurator General's office to work. Either he, the guarantor of the constitution, will do everything necessary for this, or the country will simply be taken into captivity, once and for all. " stated Tymoshenko when lobbying for summer elections.

Furthermore, at today's press conference Yuliya Tymoshenko was higly critical of the actions of working group preparing the early elections. In her opinion, the purpose of group was to drag out matters. "Postponement of elections to the autumn will be a complete defeat for Ukraine," she said.

Finally Tymoshenko called for an end of the negotiations with the coalition. "Our force calls for an end to any negotiations, be they negotiations of the working group, or of the President and prime minister. These negotiations are leading the matters into a blind alley," stated Tymoshenko.

Even more frank were remarks may by ВYuT VR vice- speaker Mykola Tomenko: "The probability of creating a coalition with the participation of Our Ukraine and Party of Regions is very high. This is not only the position of [new NSDC secretary] Plyushch, but is also [indicated by] the context of negotiations on Bank Street [pres's secretariat]. This, and the behaviour of the people close to Yushchenko, and key "Regionaly", noted Tomenko to 'Gazeta po Kiyevski'.

According to him, the President should be honest and say: yes, we are conducting negotiations with Yanukovych - and there will be a coalition.

Tymoshenko has few levers of influence on the negotiation process on Bank Street. It cannot be excluded that there are negotiations going on between BYuT and PoR either, in particular on the question of impeachment of the President. Or on increasing the minimum percentage threshold in the VR early elections. But these are radical step which Tymoshenko would be unlikely to take.

PoR still quite fancy the idea of a PoR/NU coalition.

Tymoshenko is demanding to meet with the president as soon as possible.

Even the 'Donbass' newspaper complains of the secret deal-making between the two Viktors; and predicts that there may be an announcement from Yush on the 'successful resolution of the crisis' together with a date of the re-elections, by 24th May, when the president attends a two-day summit of central European country leaders which is being held in Brno, in the Czech republic.
Yesterday 'Obozrevatel' posted a transcript and audio recording of an eavesdropped conversation between Yushchenko and his good friend Georgian president 'Misha' Saakashvili.

LEvko's impression is that the conversation is so polite and gentlemanly, compared with those recorded by Melnychenko in Kuchma's office, that the two presidents were probably aware of the possiblity that their conversation could be being 'tapped'. Yush talks of 'Viktor Fyodorovich'.. and no swear words..

There is no doubt recordings of many more conversations stashed away somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Again Yulia is messing about probably because she is not getting what she wants. And EVERY time she does not get what she wants - she goes on about deal making. My guess is that she has her own private deals which would be very revealing if they came to light. Always remember that one who steals is the first to accuse others of stealing. I think that she is in the middle of deals with PoR and Moroz is her way in but PoR knows that if they announced such a deal it would be the end of their political party.