Friday, May 11, 2007

Message to the diaspora

Minister of Foreign affairs Arseniy Yatsenyuk, [see photo] usually though of as pro-orange, has been visiting Canada.
When addressing a diaspora meeting he emphasized: "If there is a need to make certain political compromise, the we need to do it. You might like this or not, but Party of Regions today represent 35% of the Ukrainian population. Aren't they Ukrainians too? [Some of those present shouted out "No!] They are also Ukrainians, they are our people, people of our big country, and I appeal to all of you to understand this!"

Agreement of early elections remains unclear.

Even 'back-bench' PoR deputies, when asked how long before some kind of decision is made, have no idea. "Believe us, for the first time in quite a few years we are unable to make any kind of prognosis. Honestly, we do not know."

The president and the PM, [and Akhmetov and Hayduk behind the curtains], struck the initial deal last Friday. But now there are just too many troublesome partners in the working group.

E.g. Moroz, who is fighting for his political life, will be required in his role as parliamentary speaker when the VR is recalled to formalize Yu and Ya's agreements. [Yu in particular would like to VR to self-dismiss as this would make further discussion irrelevant whether his two ukazes to dissolve parliament were constitutional, ..LEvko]

Lutsenko and his National self-defence party want assurances from NU that they will not form a coalition with PoR. In the light of the events of last year, I guess this is unlikely. It also drives PoR into the arms of the Communists and the 'Vitrenkivtsi'

It's too much to hope the Ukrainian diaspora took note of bright eyed and bushy tailed Yatsenyuk's 'home truths'. [He looks very young doesn't he?]


Anonymous said...

elmer here.

The Party of Regions - are they Ukrainian?

Well, they are and they aren't.

And that's the problem.

They stay in Ukraine, but many, many of them bad-mouth it, undermine it, and refuse to acknowledge that they no longer live in a Russian empire.

I fully understand why Yatseniuk said what he did.

On the other hand, the Canadians don't have to live in Ukraine with that 35%, many of whom think and act like they really live in Russia.

Anonymous said...

THEY ARE UKRAINIANS - get over it! once and for all! (Full stop!)

And I have to say that people who are ultra-nationalist are just as out there as the one who are ultra-pro-Russia - both are EXTREMES! which completely disregard that most people live in the middle. And just as one side pushes the other pushes and polarization has kept and keeps them going. But in reality the majority in the disapora are out of touch with today's Ukraine and have been for a long time while importing into Ukraine hate against Eastern Ukrainians.