Sunday, May 06, 2007

Whose hands of the levers of power?

According to Sonya Koshkina in an article in 'Obozrevatel':

"The fate of the snap elections was determined not by Yanukovych or Yushchenko, but by Akhmetov and Hayduk. [see photo]. The chair of the KabMin [Yanuk] has been promised the premiership if PoR creates a new coalition with NU; and in return the Head of The State [Yush] will be supported by "Regiony" when he stands for second term of office. Moroz and Tymoshenko will rally and work together against this."

I've loosely translation some bits:

"The leader of BYuT has only partly achieved her aim - probable early elections. But personally, for her, this only has value if she obtains the post of PM . No "secret agreement" between Tymoshenko and Yushchenko has been signed on this. Moreover, she knows the the deal concluded by Yu and Ya [on Friday] was sealed because Yushchenko promised to appoint Yanukovych PM if he wins the election, and then forms a PoR/NU coalition. [In the event PoR do not get an absolute majority..]

The ideologists behind this concept are the "New Donetskyites" headed by Rinat Akhmetov. They "pushed" for this idea a year ago after the March 2006 VR elections and the 'grand coalitionade' that followed, when Victor Fedorovich, reluctantly and 'with gritted porcelain teeth', agreed to become VR speaker under a Yuriy Yekhanurov premiership.

A second attempt to realize this plan will now help cement the country together, and also tie 'the arms and the legs" of the key political players with numerous mutual commitments.

As a "reciprocal courtesy" Yanukovych has been reminded of the undertaking of last August by PoR to help Yushchenko achieve a second presidential term in office.

It is clear that the [recent] encounters beween the two Viktors were very brief - too short to physically work out such major solutions. The key agreements were reached the day before by Hayduk and Akhmetov - Yushchenko and Yanukovych only formalized them. Thus, the country's two main politicans again were shown to be pawns in the game of the two main businessmen. (with their own taciturn agreement)."

Koshkina claims that BYuT will not appear in the VR sessional hall on Tuesday [when details on the snap election have to be tied up], and what is more - Tymoshenko and Moroz, for their own mutual interest, may conclude a "secret agreement" in order to sabotage the preparation for early elections. The agreement will run until San Sanych [Moroz] obtains a guarantee of entry into the new parliament, or Yulia Volodymyrivna is guaranteed the premiership. Otherwise their joint efforts will be applied "to play for time" and delay the snap election.

LEvko says there is much devious wheeling and dealing to be done before the early VR elections. All the main players are looking to land on their feet. PoR's forceful demands for early or joint VR/presidential elections seem to have been shelved for now, so there may be some truth in Koshkina's speculation.

Find out more about Hayduk and Yush's new project which was dreamt up last autumn here

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Anonymous said...

I don't know - but Oboz is very faithful to Yulia which may color some of their reporting as witness their going after Akhemtov which led to a court case being filed by him against them. Unfortunately news media sources are used by political powers both to blacken the opponents eye and reveal their nefarious plans. How much is truth and how is much speculation and how much is tar? Unfortunately will only find out until it is way too late. And although have heard rumors of get together in the past it has not materialized - perhaps this was a good idea but now too polarized and voters would never go for this. The only one who would win from something like this is Yulia.