Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Plyushch speaks

Interesting interview with newly-appointed National Security and Defence Council Secretary, Ivan Plyushch, in "Kommersant-Ukraina", entitled 'Party of Regions, Our Ukraine" and BYuT are obliged to participate in a broad coalition'.

Plyushch says that he agreed to be Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council [RadBez] only with the approval of Yushchenko, Yanukovych, and Tymoshenko -they all supported his candidature. Yanuk claimed that he proposed Plyushch for the position half a year ago, and even sent him a congratulatory telegram after his appointment.

He is asked if his predecessor Vitaliy Hayduk left because he did not want to 'take radical steps'; and whether he was prepared to take such steps. He replies that no one has proposed taking radical steps. "If I am now secretary NSDC, then I will be guided by the fact that Yushchenko has himself said: 'I will never to use force!. And after yesterday's prolonged conversation between Viktor Andreevich, Viktor Fedorovich and Azarov, I can assure you, that this is an axiom, which does not require proof."

"I consider countries, in which no one political force gains 50 percent of votes in an election, are condemned to form wide coalitions. Today it is understood 'even to an elephant' that PoR, NU and BYuT are obliged to participate in a broad coalition."

He thinks a snap election will take place 60 days after tomorrow, the last day for parties to submit their candidate lists according to the law, so 15th July is looking good. "The fate of Ukraine lies with the two Viktors..the sooner they agree the sooner we will all win."

Tymoshenko says BYuT would go with 15th July, but would rather go into opposition than join any wide-base coalition.

Glimmers of a deal coming together?

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