Friday, September 28, 2007

Bookies know best

A leading Kyiv bookmaker is predicting [as of Wednesday] the result of Sunday's VR election to be:

PoR 32.7%
BYuT 24.9%
NUNS 13.9%
Commies 4%

and below the 3% threshold: Lytvyn bloc 2.8% Socialists 2.6% Vitrenko bloc 2.3%
I guess I go along with these figures - give or take 1-2%.

By my calculations this would produce a VR with PoR having 195 deputies, Commies 24, BYuT 148 and NUNS 83, i.e. an orange majority of 12, but it is all just to close to call..
Lots more talking around Yushchenko's white round table to come then.

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