Thursday, September 27, 2007

PoR demands control of economic sector in any future government

Party of Regions does not exclude conducting extraordinary presidential elections, if representatives of "Regiony" do not enter the new government which may be formed after Sunday's parliamentary selections.

Leading PoR member Raisa Bohatyryova, in a TV interview today said:

"We presuppose what the results of elections will be, but the forecast result does not mean the forecast process. And on the basis that we cannot forecast how the political process will develop, we say that if today the will of the voters who support the Party of Regions, voters, who form the part of the territory of Ukraine that produces 2/3 of its gross [domestic] product, the will of these voters will not be taken into account, then it cannot be imagined that any future authority can be formed without the participation of Party of Regions."

"If this political crisis which could spring up after the elections is not resolved by constitutional means, then a political situation could arise, where the solution to the same political crisis would be early elections, but this time early presidential elections."
"This is the reality, and politician live with these realities, and no-one should be blamed for what will happen. There are objective laws, and there are different objective situations. If our political opponents understand this, even forecast this, then they also must be interested in working in the lawful field. To uphold the constitution, the law and the will of voter," concluded Bohatyryova.

What she is saying in a clumsy way, is I guess, that even if PoR were to do badly in the elections they should be included in the new government because the regions of Ukraine where they have greatest support also produces most of the country's wealth - they are demanding control of the economic sector.

Does she have a point? But PoR are going to win in any case aren't they? Right?


The Corruption Perceptions Index for 2007 was published several days ago.

Ukraine is ranked 118 - same as Malawi and Benin, but worse than Uganda, Mozambique, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Albania, Gabon, Jamaica.....

The only cheering news for Ukrainians is that they beat the Ruskies [at 143] and their northern neigbour Belarus. Most of the "..stans" fared worse too..

Verdict: Unsatisfactory progress..


Anonymous said...

Is there a time-comparison?

Ukraine hasn't gotten worse, which it sure might have done....


Anonymous said...

Economic control? not the health or education sectors? Tells u where there priorities are which is not with the voter but for personal enrichment. Unfortunately, the time is past for union with the PoR. To do so whether for NUNS or Byt would only spell suicide or moving over to the other side like Kinakh.

elmer said...

Isn't Bohatyrova saying something similar to what Tymoshenko has previously pointed out?

Namely, that there is customarily a mechanism for the opposition to have some sort of input, some sort of a voice, even if not government posts or control of government.

You are right, she is clumsy about it.

This, of course, presumes the concept of a "loyal opposition."

That is, an opposition that supports the country, as does the majority.

In Ukraine, the PoR seems intent on giving away the country.