Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What the electorate worry about

According to a recent OP, the matters that most concern Ukrainians are: Increases in prices - 69%, Corruption, particularly in the higher echelons of authority - 50%, and unjustified housing and communal services tariffs - 48%.

Other matters of concern were: Indifference of authority to the opinion of simple citizens - 42%, Inaccessibility and the low quality of medical services - 29%, Increasing drug addiction and alcoholism - 27%, Lack of welfare provision for pensioners, the poor, and for large families – 26%, The unsatisfactory ecological situation - 19%, Displacement of the Russian language and culture - 17%, Weak position of Ukrainian language and culture - 12%, and unfavorable conditions for the development of businesses - 8%.

3600 respondents took part in the poll.

Who will be held responsible for unjustified price and housing charge price increases?
Which political force will be considered most competent to fight corruption?

Oh, and Donetsk mayor Aleksandr Lukyanchenko says bread and bakery product prices [a touchy subject in Ukraine] could increase by 20% by the end of the year. "Global reserves are at their lowest for 20 years," he explained.

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