Friday, September 07, 2007

Witty jousting in the VR

Emergency Situations Minister Nestor Shufrich, commenting in the VR on the recent [photo opportunity?] participation of President Yushchenko extinguishing a forest fire:

"Putin on a destroyer, Bush on an aircraft carrier, even Lukashenko on a tank. But our president - on a shovel".

Former Internal affairs minister and NUNS leader Yuriy Lutsenko's response, on Shufrich: "[he] is incapable to running anything. He can't even catch the two crocodiles that ran away from the Kyiv and Mariupol zoos."

When asked by journalists if he saw Nestor Shufrich as a possible successor to the post of minister minister of Internal Affairs, he replied: "Write this: in the time of the anti-national administration of Yanukovych, the number of crocodiles that ran away from zoos increased by 200%."

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Anonymous said...

The quip about the crocs sounds like a joke but it actually is not.

'Godzilla' croc hunted in Ukraine
Aug. 9, 2007

"Emergency workers are now trying to catch the animal.

But Godzilla is proving elusive and has not been tempted by slabs of meat left on the shore.

A Russian news agency has claimed that the team is planning to use live guinea pigs to lure the crocodile out of the water.

However, a spokeswoman for Ukraine's emergency ministry denied this and said the workers are just going to sit and wait for Godzilla to wander onto the beach. "