Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Metaphors lost in translation

VR - is it a comedy, a circus? A laboratory, or battlefield with windmills?

"It is my duty to address you in response to an attempt by the parliamentary coalition to aggravate the situation in our country. They are going to convene an illegal session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine tomorrow, on 4 September.... I cannot watch this comedy in silence....esteemed deputies, calm down, do not abuse the people’s patience, do not make the Verkhovna Rada a circus, a laughing-stock. The life of the country is in the walls of the Ukrainian parliament but parliament is not a laboratory for your experiments and not a battlefield for tilting at windmills."
President Yushchenko's TV address last night.

LEvko thinks pres. should get the first lady to help out with the translation..or maybe take note of this 'aphorism' quoted at the top of Yanuk's Personal Information Server:

"Only those who keep going will handle the road" [?]

Is there a hidden meaning here?.. Yanuk allegedly threatens opponents, saying he will 'Steam roll them under asphalt.'

You don't get much for $1m these days..

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