Thursday, September 13, 2007

PoR need big turn-out on polling day

Yanukovych, commenting on a possible low September 30th election day turn-out, during a live TV interview with a local Zaporizhzhya TV station today, said:

"I've looked at the sociology [statistics], which there is now on Ukraine. I looked the south-eastern regions: 50%-55%, up to 60% intend to go to the elections. If this indeed will be the turn-out, then this will be the result, it won't be necessary to blame anyone. These elections are now the question: "To be or not to be?", and if the Ukrainian people want to have an orange government in power, it means, then this is what we'll get, if this will be the turn-out. If it does not want this - it is necessary for everybody to get out and vote. September 30th - go to the elections - this is main question for the country and the Ukrainian people."

"If people say to us that we do not deserve their confidence, we will move aside, and as they say, we will carry out the will of the people," he added.

As LEvko posted on 1st Ausust: "A straw poll on the [big-selling] 'Donbass' [newspaper] site, which asks visitors whether they will cast a vote on September 30th or not, currently has 54% replying 'Yes', and 38% replying 'No'. Not scientific, but worrying nevertheless for PoR. Voter apathy may be their biggest problem."

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Anonymous said...

A recent poll is showing that the KUCHMA Party and the Communisit Party (renewd) have the potential to deceive voters. They are whats refered to as being Spoilers. Candidates/Parties thatbare formed to deliberatly take votes away from another party. The poll also shows that Our Ukriane has also suffered in the polls with increase to yulis'a primary vote mainly coming from the Our Ukraine camp.

As Institute of social development processes Andrei Prokopenko noted, taking into account unexpected ratings of certain parties and “KUCHMA” bloc, experts have examined the results.

According to him, “KUCHMA” bloc increases a number of followers thanks to epatage PR-actions, for example, to the slogan “Enough to pay taxes” and rather aggressive behavior of bloc’s leader. Besides, it turned out this election bloc is supported by those respondents who were going to against all or who have not decided whom to vote for.

Prokopenko added many citizens perceive “KUCHMA” bloc as a double of the Party of the Regions and using it as PR-technology. That is why electors are hardly can notice great differences of programs and slogans of the Party of the Regions and “KUCHMA” bloc. Prokopenko said CPU has low rating because voters confuse it with CPU (updated).