Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Demeanours speaking loudly..

President Yushchenko today met leaders of the political blocs that have been elected to the new Verkhovna Rada. I wonder what the 'body-language' people make of these photos from 'Ukrainska Pravda'

Yuliya and a 'thoughtful' Yanukovych answering journalist's questions after the meeting.

For readers interested in this sort of thing, here are the almost Disneyesque shoes Yulka wore for the meeting:

Tips on doing business Russia from today's London "Times" includes this: "You may well want to keep any fondness for Ukraine to yourself — Ukrainians often form the butt of Russian jokes. Typically, a joke would include references to Ukrainians’ cunning and their prediliction for fatty food — in particular salo, a sort of lard. Yummy..

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Anonymous said...

BLUE shoes? Not orange?