Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More US interference

Here's an interesting article from the Christian Science Monitor on the elections. It says a lot of what readers of this blog already know. Then there's this little jewel:

Russian experts say the US decision to lift cold war-era trade restrictions on Ukraine on the eve of last month's elections is an example of American interference.

But of course. Drugs to keep people mindlessly spouting the US line, US boots, spiked oranges, payments to the thousands on the Maidan, a truckload of CIA vodka for shipped-in Yanukovych people and now the repeal of Jackson-Vanik. Is there no end to the indignity?

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Anonymous said...

Well, you're probably right to be skeptical, but...one has to ask "Would it have made a huge difference if the amendment had been repealed as of, say, April 2?" I seem to remember that some saw preferential treatment (I'm not talking abour Putin visits) to Kuchma-Yanukovich on the eve of previous elections as Russian interference.