Thursday, April 06, 2006

NU bloc's overtures rebuffed by Yulka

Tymoshenko and Socialist leader Oleksandr Moroz have rebuffed yesterday's NSNU' party council's tentative overtures, which some say were issued after Yanukovych's Party of Regions had publicly presented their own proposals to potential coalition partners. NSNU probably didn't want to be seen 'not doing anything' either.

The deal clincher that NSNU are terrified of putting on the table is: Tymoshenko to be acknowledged PM of the 'orange coalition,' now rebranded as coalition of 'democratic forces'.

Today Tymoshenko and Moroz have written an open letter to the President, stating they are disturbed that formation of the 'democratic coalition' is being dragged out. "At this historic moment, a lot depends on your position, [Mr President]" They accuse the NU bloc leadership of "indecisiveness."

At a joint press conference with Moroz, Tymoshenko was, again unequivocal: "We are absolutely consistent. And if there is to be no coalition, we will go into opposition, and [I] will work there with pleasure together with Moroz." But 'Glavred' quotes Moroz as adding, "This moment is not the time to talk of opposition.."

Stanislav Byelkovskyi, an analyst I rate, reckons that at the moment there's a 60% chance of a 'democratic coalition' eventually being formed, and a 40% chance of a 'grand coalition' that includes RU.

A quote from Yushchenko: "Eight months ago such a coalition already existed. It fell apart. Lessons learned? The problems that dismantled the previous coalition, are they solved? It's necessary to bear in mind that there's a third of voters, who voted for a different political force." Sounds to me as if Yushchenko is a 'grand coalition' man.

NSNU #2 Anatoliy Kinakh in a TV interview on 5-iy Kanal Wednesday seems to lean this way too, and NSNU #1 Yekhanurov has already said during the election campaign that he would not work with Tymoshenko "under any conditions." If they really consider a 'grand coalition' to be of greater long-term benefit, then they should start making the case for it more clearly to the public.

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