Friday, April 07, 2006

The third option

There is another option that hs been talked about should no government be formed within the statutory period. That is a dismissal of the government and the holding of new elections. Some think that it would be too expensive. But there is another reason why it might not be a good idea, at less from Our Ukraine's perspective. The reason is that they might lose more seats.

Tymoshenko's supporters are active. On a local radio program, the agricultural minister made a lot of the economic mistakes of the Tymoshenko government. He said he would not serve if she becomes PM.

The program had call in numbers where they asked if the agricultural minister should serve in the new Tymoshenko government. The vote was 172 yes, 900 no. And he's a Socialist. These kinds of votes favor those who are motivated so I think this one shows who is.

I think it is likely that in any new vote the Our Ukraine supporters just wouldn't show up. Why bother if the numbers are going to be like the last or any where near? That would skew a re-vote Tymoshenko's way.

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