Friday, April 28, 2006

Puppet masters and puppets

When asked in a press conference today Tymoshenko reiterated she would not be prepared to accept a position other than PM in a 'democratic' coalition, and would rather go into opposition that join a coalition that includes PR. "Apart from me, there's scarcely anyone else to get matters sorted," she said.

A clue to the way these matters are heading is provided in an arrogant interview in 'Ukrainska Pravda' with Sergey Levochkin, one of former president Kucha's closest aides. This man was deeply involved with his old friend Dmytro Firtash, and Yuriy Boyko in setting up the huge RosUkrEnergo scam, sanctioned by Putin and Kuchma, about which others more knowledgeable than me are writing. He was, no doubt deeply involved in the flurry of 'last minute' 'divvying up' of state assests and property to Kuchma's favourites before the 2004 presidential elections, including something for Levochkin's good friend, the notorious Russian 'businessman' 'Mad' Max Kurochkin.

Soon after, Levochkin adroitly became a confidant of VR speaker Lyvyn, and was a leading candidate in Lytvyn's bloc [for Kuchma 'retreads'] which, having spending millions on advertizing, failed to cross the 3% threshold and enter the VR.

In his interview he predicts that a grand coalition will be created in the VR, and describes a scenario which is probably PR's 'pitch' to NSNU: PR's prime minister, and two vice-premiers including minister for fuel and energy, but the President remaining free to appoint and control the VR speaker and 'silovyky' - Defense, and SBU, and Foreign affairs. He suggests that NSNU's electorate, which would be lost in the event of a PR-NSNU coalition, would return if the economy grows sufficiently.

A photograph of happy-looking [L-R] Poroshenko, Levochkin and Martynenko in some behind the scenes 'wheeling and dealing' at the time of the Orange Revolution, is included in the UP article.

If the VR elections were to be repeated tomorrow, after all the stalling on coalition building and the RUE revelations, I wonder what the results would be? Would NSNU clear 10%

And what is the President's rating right now? It would be interesting to know..And what about 'that woman's' rating?

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