Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Arrogance of the Staniks

Syuzanna Stanik's husband, Vadim Dolhanov, a newspaper editor, agreed to be interviewed by 'Unian' today. I have posted several times recently about Constitutional court judge Stanik , who is leading the court's deliberations on whether president Yushchenko had the constitutional right to dismiss the VR.

The interview is one long trashy diatribe directed at both Stanik's critics and opposition politicians.

When asked to enumerate land and apartments that they allegedly possess, he replies to his female questioner, "And can you tell us, what your underwear looks like?. [A freudian slip? Stanik in Polish means brassiere.]

That Stanik, supposedly one of the top judges in Ukraine, and her husband, are quite openly prepared to talk to the media about a 'sub-judice' case in which Stanik herself is currently deeply involved, while the Constitutional court in which she operates is considering this matter of critical national importance, shows their complete disregard to any notion of impartiality or prejudicial behaviour. She and her husband, like much of Ukraine's so-called judicial system, are a joke..

Journalists, including those from 'Ohlyadach/Obozrevatel' are doing their job.

A further 4 apartments in central Kyiv have been found registered to an Oksana Teodorivna Antoshko - the name of Stanik's 76-year old mother. Veteran BYuT deputy Hryhoriy Omelchenko claimed in a press conference recently that two other luxury apartments in central Kyiv, owned by Antoshko were sold last year for $2million and $1.8 million.

For all of Stanik's and her husband's bluster, this is not going to go away..

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