Friday, April 27, 2007

Counterbalancing the FIGs

An article entitled "Attack of the clans - today's crisis in Ukraine was provoked by the concluding phase of redistribution of assets", in the current pro-Yush 'Bez Tsenzury', concludes:

"Leonid Kuchma well knows that the system of counterbalances created by him earlier cannot work without him. It was precisely because of this that the changes to the constitution in 2004 were taken on in emergency order.

Leonid Kuchma in his time was a real guarantor, but not of the constitution. [Ukraine's president is sometimes called the guarantor of the constitution.] He guaranteed that not one oligarchical clan in Ukraine would obtain a monopoly of authority and capital. Pavlo Lazarenko was removed precisely for the fact that he attempted to create exactly such a monopoly. The former President also cannot but understand, that a time bomb was placed during his time in office. Indeed the clans (which are now euphemistically called financial-industrial groups) grasped a large portion of state assets. This is what Leonid Kuchma did - by strengthening or weakening at first one, then another figure, he held the growing appetites of oligarchs in check. This was possible under the non democratic conditions created by him. But such a scheme cannot work in the conditions of parliamentarism - the deterent factor has disappeared, but the clans remain. So what we observe today is a ferocious contest for power and the redistribution of assets."

Today Svyatoslav Piskun was reappointed as Prosecutor-General by the president for a third time. This man is unique in Ukrainian political intrigues and has served many masters - at the moment he is a PoR VR deputy. He has pursued some of the top players on the Ukrainian political scene over the years, and is probably the slickest behind-the-scenes operator of them all.

LEvko thinks he just loves the power of being P-G, which enables fixing of deals. He should serve Yush well - and PoR are not too pleased about this. LEvko seems to recall that during the OR he frequently discretely visited Yush's house in Kyiv. Good write-up in Ukr Pravda.

In a 5-iy Kanal TV interview tonight Piskun declared that the president's ukaz to dismiss the VR is binding on all state officials. When the interviewer asked him why had he voted last week with the VR coalition not to recognize the president's ukaz, he replied: "Why did my card vote? You saw what I was occupied with. I cannot be here and there, so, it's possible, someone pressed my [voting] button." What a guy..

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Anonymous said...

"concluding phase of redistribution of assets"

Bless YOU! I have saying this for a dog's age as well as Kuchma is involved. It is a fight for the country's wealth esp. before going into WTO or EU and who will control it going into the next phase - nuclear.

funny that all this should be posited as pro-West/pro-East when all the politicians involved are from the East!