Tuesday, April 03, 2007

S**t hits VR fan

So, Yushchenko has dismissed the VR and announced fresh elections. The VR in an immediate riposte, accepted a decree by 255 votes to 0, "On prevention of acts which threaten constitutional jurisprudence, civil order, and stability in Ukraine". VR speaker Oleksandr Moroz made it clear that parliament does not accept the president's order.

The VR also accepted a resolution by 261 to 0 to cancel a resolution of 8th December 2004 [which had been upheld by 402 VR deputies] to dismiss the then-head of the Central Electoral Commission, our old friend Serhiy Kivalov - so he is now back in charge of the CEC. The Supreme Court of Ukraine had recognised that the Central Electoral Commission led by Kivalov had falsified the results of the 2004 Presidential elections.

The VR passed a decree forbidding the KabMin to issue funds for the conducting early elections.

The bosses of printed publications have been warned that they are legally liable if they print the [the president's] 'criminal order' [to dismiss the VR]. Apparently the order has to be run in an official publication in order to be valid, even though Yushchenko had pronounced his order live on several TV channels already and posted it on the official presidential website. [Maybe the VR will now say that the presidential stamp on the document was smudged, or the president had signed it in purple ink, so it doesn't count.]

I suspect most Ukrainians will sit back and wryly watch the 'bun-fight' to come ..


David said...

Well, it seems plausible someone will print it, taking the hit, maybe for a future expected financial windfall...

What do you think are the chances of violence?


Anonymous said...

Many thanks LEvko for keeping us informed. MANY THANKS!!!!!! GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!! All the best!!!

pumpernickel said...

Well to replace someone with the will, guts and integrity of Davydivitch with Kivalov smacks of the absolutely most cynical, contemptuous and corrupt practises of the Kuchma era. I only hope that Yushchenko realizes that this bun fight may turn into a knife fight and should arm himself accordingly.