Thursday, April 12, 2007

Moroz to blame

Yush at his press conference today revealed that it was Moroz who caused his patience to snap on April 2nd. After their head-to-head earlier that day, Moroz was to have a meeting next day with VR deptuties, apparently to give them an update what was going on only.

Yush however, learned Moroz was calling an extraordinary meeting that evening and minutes later they were actively preparing a whole raft of decisions, including one to terminate the activity of the Central Election Commission.

Yush immediately phoned Moroz requesting him to stop taking such decisions. Moroz replied that he cannot go to the VR without a prepared proposals.

"Then I said, Oleksandr Oleksandrovych, you are acting according to your conscience, but I am acting as is required by the constitution. At 9 p.m. I signed the ukaz terminating the authority of the 5th convocation of the VR."

Seems to me that PoR have been suckered into this crisis by Moroz.


Rumours are flying about that deputy head of the Constitutional Court, and former Ukrainian minister of Justice Syuzanna Stanik, has been bribed. She had previously been Ukraine's representative in the Council of Europe, and was reportedly appointed to the C.C. thanks to her close ties to former president Kuchma and his wife, but her personal position on the president's ukaz is not known.

However, it seems that according to private notary Sotnikova, on 28th March this year an agreement had been made whereby an 'Oksana Fedorivna Antonenko' 'gifted' Judge Stanik two apartments at 27/28 Nesterivskyi Provulok in central Kyiv. The value of the apartments is estimated to be about $2m.

When she was in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe, she had a reputation for enjoying 'the finer things of life'.

PoR in a rather curious statement have warned of a campaign to discredit the CC judges, and categorically reject "all untrustworthy information that will be released into the informational domain later" [?]

Five C.C. judges [probably loyal to the president] have publicly asked for protection from external threats and pressure.

LEvko says the C.C. is descending into 'Affentheater'. They will probably finish up declaring that they could not come to a firm ruling, or will call their decision a non-binding recommendation only, or make some other kind of 'fudge'. Who can blame them.

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