Monday, April 30, 2007

Dynamic tension..

Today president Yushchenko sacked Valeriy Pshenychniy, one of the Constitutional Court judges for 'violating his vows of office.' I posted about some of Pshenychniy's dubious dealings several days ago.

From 'Oboz': "A letter from the President on the need to abolish privileges to 'special economic zones' (SEZ) and 'territories of priority development' (TPR) in the Donetsk region, was sent to prime minister Yanukovych on Wednesday 25th March. i.e. - on the eve of the second ukaz on the dissolution of parliament and re-re-appointment of Svyatoslav Piskun to the post of 'henprokurator'.

The coincidence of these events can be be interpreted thus: Viktor Yushchenko is now attacking the "Donetski" along all fronts, including economic. The logic is that he wants to turn off oxygen to his opponents, in the financial field. It is possible that the money given to the "zones and territories" is being used finance trains carrying Donetsk "political tourists" to Kyiv."

Yush has taken Charles Atlas's 'dynamic tension course' and is fighting back..

Seriously, LEvko highly recommends Yevhen Zakharov's excellent "On the political situation in Ukraine" from the Information website of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group - Anyone interested in Ukrainian affairs should read it!
[From Ukrainetoday]

"It is thus, most regrettably, difficult to see a legal solution to the political crisis. Yet without returning to the law, it is impossible to overcome the crisis. Early parliamentary elections without a change to the Constitution and to electoral law will change nothing. A way out of the political crisis is thus possible only via political agreement between the President and parliament."

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