Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pres's ukaz approved by public prosecutor and generals

The Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko, and the commander of the Ministry of Internal Affairs armed forces Oleksandr Kikhtenko both voted to support the Presidential ukaz to dissolve parliament, according the the President's official website which gives details of a vote taken at yesterday's session of the National Security and Defence Council [NSDC].

'Ostrov' says that the voting pattern indicates that that "Regiony" have already made their decision to accept elections. For what other purpose would "Donetskiite" Medvedko raise his hand for the motion they ask.

The emergency meeting of the NSDC also accepted a number of the decisions to ensure the Presidential ukaz of the President on the early parliamentary elections if fully carried out.
Yaroslav Davydovych, the head of the Central Electoral Commission gave a report on progress in the organisation of early elections.

The results of the NSDC meeting vote:

Viktor Yushchenko – the President of Ukraine – Chairman - FOR;
Mykola Azarov – the First vice-prime minister, Minister of Finance of Ukraine – AGAINST;
Viktor Baloga – Chairman of Secretary of the President of Ukraine – FOR;
Vitaliy Hayduk – Secretary NSDC – FOR;
Anatoliy Hrytsenko – Minister of Defence of Ukraine – FOR;
Sergiy Kirichenko – Chief of Joint Staff – Commander-in-chief, Armed Forces of Ukraine – FOR;
Oleksandr Kikhtenko – Chief of Central Administration – commander of Internal armies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – FOR;
Mykola Malomuzh – Chairman of the External Intelligence Service of Ukraine – FOR;
Oleksandr Medvedko – Prosecutor General of Ukraine – FOR;
Valentyn Nalyvaychenko – First vice-president of Security Service of
Ukraine [SBU] and Head of the Anti-terrorist center at SBU – FOR;
Vasyl Onopenko – Chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine – FOR;
Volodymyr Stelmakh – Chairman of National bank of Ukraine – FOR;
Vasyl Tsushko – Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine – AGAINST;
Viktor Yanukovych – Prime minister of Ukraine – DID NOT VOTE;
Arseniy Yatsenyuk – Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine - FOR;
Yuriy Ruban – Director of the National Institute of Strategic Research - FOR.

LEvko says Yush has some pretty 'useful' buddies here..

Update: there seems to be some 'jiggerypokery' going on here. The pres's site now shows that Medvedko abstained - so did 'Ostrov' get it wrong in their piece too?

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Anonymous said...

Ques.: What would have happened if the majority vote was against?

I am trying to understand why Medvedko (ally of Azarov) would have voted for while Yanukovych abstained (which is usu. later as 'deniability'.)