Friday, April 06, 2007

Follow the money

Article from 'Delo' business paper:

Taruta: financing re-elections - not a problem

"Possible early elections will not be affect the work of Ukrainian companies, according to the chairman of the council of the director of 'Industrial Union of Donbass', Sergey Taruta. IUD is of Ukraine's largest industrial corporations. Taruta said: "If re-elections are assigned, then they will not increase risks for companies. We see today that the parliament and government are attempting to create a critical mass of 300 votes [in the VR], which would result in the very dangerous possibility of change in the balance that exists today for the country - a change in the constitutional base of our state. Therefore for me, as a citizen, this is considerably more dangerous than new selections ."

The head of IUD it is convinced that political forces must not fear re-elections. "Political forces must go [forward] to the elections and actually demonstrate, who of them is more popular and who will obtain majority of votes," he said. Taruta also considers that problems with financing of re-elections should not arise. "This is very small money in comparison with what we lose each day because of the ineffective management of the country," noted the IUD head.

Taruta's partner at the top of IUD, Vitaliy Hayduk, is secretary of NSDC,and is close to the president. Major industrialists in PoR are rumoured to be willing to accept early elections too. Hayduk, Taruta, Akmetov, and Yanukovych go back 'a long way'.

Also from 'Delo' yesterday - a quote from Yanukovych in a speech at the [anti] Maidan: "If the president and the opposition occupy an unyielding position on early elections, and if tension in the country reaches its apogee, then the nation should provide the deciding voice."

'Delo' suggests this will be PoR's formula for overcoming the current crisis.

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Anonymous said...

"then the nation should provide the deciding voice"

Ahem and just who will be counting the votes?