Sunday, April 29, 2007

Snake pit politics

Last summertime, the unexpectedly re-appointed Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun [see picture] was telling 'Oboz' that the prez's dismissal of the VR would be: "a betrayal of the fatherland."

"In this instance there are sufficient grounds to commence criminal proceedings against Viktor Yushchenko as per the article 'misuse of power and official authority," he said. [Yushchenko had come within a whisker of dismissing the VR last August.]

Piskun had also mused about locking up the President for other transgressions. Less than half a year ago he suggested to 'Oboz' that an investigation was required into how Petro Yush's gas business, which is linked to 'RosUkrEnergo', is percieved by Viktor Yush. He now has an excellent opportunity to do this, suggests 'Oboz' cheekily...

The publication adds that although Piskun is a PoR VR deputy, he has no debt of gratitute to that party...he paid in cash for his place on the party election list, before last March's VR elections..

Some in the presidential team suggest that Piskun should 'do at least something' for Yushchenko in gratitude to Yush re-appointing him.."like open a criminal case against Stanik".

'Oboz' and others claim Piskun has already kicked out former P-G Medvedko's deputies - the highly dubious and disreputable bunch of Kuzmin, Pshonka and Shokin, and replaced them with the loyal Mykola Holomsha [who had been sacked by Pshonka just a few days ago].

Last night at a big open opposition meeting in Kyiv Yushchenko declared, "I am convinced that the changes which have taken place in the Prosecutor-General's office will lead to the P-G beginning a 'clear-out' [chystka] at the top, and bring about order in its work. We will see an effectively working 'henprokuratura' which will respond adequately to all resonant criminal matters." Hmm.


Anonymous said...

It certainly takes faith to pick up a snake from the pit, but it can be done...


Anonymous said...

Forget what Kuchma writes, I want the Piskun tell-all novela blockbuster!

Wild, weird, wackiness.

Anonymous said...


It is called making converts who can be the most loyal and fanatical.