Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Big business to solve crisis?

According to the 'novosti.dn' site,

Akhmetov, Feldman and Kolomoyskiy will be able to solve the political crisis during the next few days

Experts from the 'Agency for situation modelling' consider that the big businessmen represented in the Verkhovna Rada's fractions and state offices are capable of solving the political crisis that was triggered by the president's dissolution of parliament.

"ISD and Hayduk in Yushchenko's team, Feldman and Kolomoyskiy in Tymoshenko's team, Akhmetov's SCM in Yanukovych's team - literally in the next few days these regional leaders can solve the drawn-out political crisis - having returned politicians to the negotiationg table," said the deputy director of the Agency, Aleksey Golobutskiy.

He considers that regional elites are not drawn into this crisis, and therefore they can provide prescriptions for its solution. "The present political crisis has a virtual nature, which explains why the regions are not involved. For this very reason, regional elites have sufficient mechanisms to contribute to the regulation of present political crisis," said Golobutskiy.

He considers the crisis itself is the problem of politicians in the centre, and is not understood by the inhabitants of regions. "Today it is already obvious that the political crisis exists [only] in the minds of Kyiv's political elite. Whereas the mainstream inhabitants of Zhytomyr, Kharkiv and Odessa do not understand what is happening in the streets and squares of the capital. Regional political elites are obligated to say their piece in the present situation, and to drag the capital's political beau-monde from their state of creative stupor," said the expert.


Constitutional Court judge Syuzanna Stanik, who is leading the court's deliberations on whether president Yushchenko had the constitutional right to dismiss the VR, and around whom a corruption scandal is currently swirling, has, astonishingly, gave an interview to the Russian Channel 1 TV station yesterday.

Stanik said: "If a Constitutional Court judge, a deputy chairman of the Constitutional Court, can be treated in this way, [as I've been treated,] what can be done to a lower court judge, in a district centre or some region of Ukraine, for instance? How can he be treated?"

"In December 2004 the CC also made a decision -and the Supreme court accepted it. Then all the orange flags stood at the Supreme court, and what were they demanding? The demanded a quick decision. And now? The opposite. So I have a simple question. If we believed the Supreme court and CC in 2004, what has changed in the meantime?"

LEvko says allegations of $12million 'back-handers' for starters..

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