Sunday, April 22, 2007

Westward-leaning conciliator

Brief interview in yesterday's 'Daily Telegraph' with 'former weightlifter and one-time racing driver' Viktor Yanukovych here

Are there no limits to the man's talents?


Anonymous said...

Taras H posts well on what Maidan 2.2 was like...

Anonymous said...

The picture is incredible - where did they dig it up from? My only surprise is that it is not a 'family' shot with him, his wife and the son "the deputy". And maybe a dog or two? and of course wearing the stylish valenki!

You tried to warn us, yes, you did LEvkO regarding entering "virtual politics" but you did not warn it would sink to such a level. The only ques. is - is there any bottom to this? or is it how low can you go?

Anonymous said...

This means things not going so well for Yanu and company. So 'time to make the donuts' reinterpreted as 'time to polish up the image.' Obviously the performance at COE did not get rave reviews.

If the next step is 'kissing babies' I will definitely go over the edge :)
Please make it stop. Please.