Saturday, March 25, 2006

Campaigning ends..

That's it then. Campaigning for Sunday's VR elections ends tonight.

There's a short BBC interview with Yanukovych here.

Also a couple of rather disquieting stories:

Ostrov reports that an NSNU candidate in the Artyemovsk [Donetsk Oblast] city council elections, Hanna Borishpol, was found dead with four stab wounds in her apartment today . The killing is apparently 'not politically motivated'.

Last Monday, Gennadiy Korban, an important Dnipropetrovsk businessman and close associate of banking and industry magnate Igor Kolomyskyi, survived an assassination attempt when his S-class Merc was badly shot up. The shots may have come from the car park roof of an SBU clinic.

Kolomoyskyi is one of Ukraine's richest oligarchs - the Polish 'Wprost' magazine claim he's worth $2.8Bn, i.e. even more that Akhmetov. Korban is standing as #2 NSNU candidate in the Dnipropetrovsk regional council elections.

There's speculation that it may have even been an attempted 'hit' against Kolomoyskyi himself.

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