Monday, March 13, 2006

Tymoshenko's conditions for coalition

In a long interview in the periodical 'Biznes' today, Yuliya Tymoshenko admits that some kind of coalition will have to be created in order that a government be formed after the VR elections, and gives a hint of what kind of coalition she would be prepared work with.

She again repeats that any possibility of coalition between BYuT and RU is out of the question, but also states, "I am not prepared to work with Roman Bezsmertnyi, nor Petro Poroshenko, nor Mykola Martynenko, nor Davyd Zhvaniya, nor Evhen Chervonenko, nor Alexander Tretyakov [some of NSNU's leading lights]..because these people destroyed the good name of the new authorities." She warns that several of Yushchenko's advisers are talking up the possibility of a RU-NSNU coalition, which, in her opinion, would be, "a full and irreversible return to the old regime."

When asked about a possible coalition formed by BYuT, part of NSNU, and Oleksandr Moroz..she replies, 'Yes, this is a possibility...[it would be] a base..'

She proceeds to give Yekhanurov a good 'thumping', accusing him of being Kuchma's 'eyes and ears', and of continuing to protect Kuchma's financial interests. Anatoliy Kinakh is not spared either, and is accused of inproprieties surrounding business affairs associated with Boryspil [Kyiv] airport.

Yekhanurov's riposte today was that he will not work with Tymoshenko "under any conditions."

Not to be outdone NSNU front man Roman Bessmertnyi, has claimed that when BYuT #2 Olexandr Turchynov was Ukrainian Security Service chief in the Tymoshenko government last year he authorized illegal tapping of 'phones of the high ranking officials e.g. the previous head of the National Security and Defense Council Petro Poroshenko, ex-Minister of Justice Roman Zvarich and others.

These declarations are merely examples of the mistrust and enmity that exists between NSNU and BYuT leaderships. But as I wrote previously, a BYuT - NSNU coalition is still considered a realistic possiblity. According to NSNU #3 Borys Tarasyuk, "pro-democracy parties are capable of bridging their differences and restoring the Orange coalition."

How can they possibly be reconciled? Tymoshenko has given some idea of her opening offer. But I have the impression that most of the Orange leadership would do a deal with the devil to stay in power, just as Yushchenko did when he offered PR his 'Memorandum' to get PM Yekhanurov approved by the VR last September.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Tymo is making a major power play.

My general disposition to political change tends to be somewhat conservative or better anti-perfectionistic and that sounds like what she's calling for "perfectionism", unless this is understood as opening volley in a bargaining process for a coalition and to provide public heat against a NSNU coalition with PR.

(If I were Ukrainian) I'd take Yekhanurov over Yuschenko as president so long as there were would be more checks and balances on his powers compared to Kuchma.