Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A visit from Yulia

Well, it was sort of a visit from Yulia. It was at least a visit from someone who works for Yulia. Okay, maybe it was someone who works way down on the front lines as far away as you could get from Yulia, but it has been the only visit by anyone from any political party, so we felt flattered.

It was a man and he rang the doorbell. Actually, he pushed it so hard that it stuck and we had to put up with the loud chirping of a bird until we could open the door and get it unstuck. He said he was from Yulia's party and asked if we supported her. My wife said yes and no, a good solid answer in my book. He said something about that, maybe an "uh-huh" or something equally perceptive. Then he left a slick little pamphlet and departed.

Kind of nice. It's the personal touch that Yulia's campaign has been much better at than anyone else's. As a matter of fact, they have had the personal touch field all to themselves--no one else has tried it. Or if they have tried it, the personal touch was all but undetectable in anything they did.

This has been the only visit we have had from any party. We live out here in the hinterlands of Kiev but still, if Yulia could do it, Our Ukraine could do it too.

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