Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Press conferences

There were two press conferences today, one from Yekhanurov and one from Yuschenko. My wife watched them both; I didn't have time to. She came away impressed with Yekhanurov. When asked a question, even a provocative question, he would smile and give straighforward answers.

One example: A woman said that the government promised to increase pensions but that when it did, the increase was all eaten up in higher prices. What did he have to say about that?

Yekhanurov said that she was right but that they government was not going to control prices. He said it will not work. And he is right.

Yuschenko came across as he always does. He tended to talk more and not always to the point. Be he came through as decent. He doesn't suffer what he considers to be stupid questions all that well though. When asked about RosUkrenergo, he responded that the press needed to be intelligent in fulfilling their responsibilities. Translation? Don't be stupid. That kind of response gets him into trouble.

In that forum, he doesn't come across as effectively as Yekhanurov does. Pity, pity, pity that Yekhanurov hasn't had more time.

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