Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Re: Tuesday update

More good analysis LEvko. Tymoshenko's been going around all day as if it's a sure thing and it still might happen. I think a coalition with PR would mean the end of Yuschenko and Our Ukraine. The result might have been different if they had communicated better with the people but they haven't. And that is their biggest failing. They did better the last couple of weeks but what would it have been like if they had done it week in and week out for past year and some odd months?

The other problem is that Tymoshenko is boxed in with her own people. They want justice and she has promised it to them. That was what the vote was about yesterday. And that means increasing pensions and government salaries without corresponding increases in production (budget buster), prosecuting the criminals Kuchma and others (expends political capital on a small issue relatively speaking), price controls to put the stop to rising prices (got gas?), government investments in production and agriculture (can we say shortages?), and the everpresent turning worm that is re-privatization (where to begin.) If she compromises on some of these, she can kiss a number of her supporters goodbye. She will then find out what it is like to be a pragmatic politician. Yuschenko tried it and got trounced yesterday.

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