Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More BYuT

It looks like Yulia is dominating the downtown area this week. We had a member of our extended family who went down to the Maidan an Our Ukraine supporter but came back a Tymoshenko supporter with a bag full of campaign literature.

One of the arguments supporters of Yulia are using is that the new poll has her ahead. "It makes no sense to vote for someone they aren't even talking about for Prime Minister." Yekhanurov, that is. "You'll simply waste your vote. If you vote for Yulia, she has a real chance to be Prime Minister. So vote for Yulia."

It's a bit specious that argument unless you think the polls came down from Mount Sinai. (LEvko has cautioned us about that.) Of course the echo chamber surrounding Yulia's campaign talks only of Tymoshenko and the nemesis Yanukovych. But a vote for Our Ukraine would yield the same potential, if of course, enough voted that way.

It does though look as if the campaign has heated up though.

LEvko comments: Even today's "Donbass" [the name says more or less everything about this newspaper] comments on the widely varying OP's.

The paper notes that if a working majority bloc is not formed after two months, the President may dissolve parliament and call fresh elections, and suggests this is the reason for vigourous behind-the-scenes activity between opposing parties.

One commentator compares the speculation on possible coalitions to: "dividing up the hide of a bear that hasn't yet been killed."

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