Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Re: Leaders laying out bargaining positions

LEvko raises a point about Vitrenko. She has been spitting acid for a couple of days about the election. She says there was voter fraud and is prone to using the words "American" and "fascist" in the same sentence when she speaks. I think she means that the Americans worked their magic on this election too and that that was why Party of the Regions won. (There would seem to be a non sequitur in there somewhere.) The fascist part I think she just throws in to inject some humor into the proceedings.

She has threatened to set up a tent city. Will she be able to count on her 2.85% to join her?

The head of the election commission, Davidovitch, says that she, Vitrenko, and the other complainants, Viche being one of the majors though we hear Pora has joined the chorus today, can set up her tents; he sees no problem with that. It is now warmer and they should be more comfortable in them. And if they want to examine the relevant documents he will be happy to make them available to them. This guy is honest.

The elections yesterday will be one of the legacies of Yuschenko. That his party could lose and did lose says it all.

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