Friday, March 24, 2006

Of athletes, entertainers and rogues

Here's more on the people who populate the party lists for Sunday's Parliamentary election:

Boxers, pop stars, judges and wanted men -- an eclectic cast of candidates is aiming to get into Ukraine's parliament in Sunday's election.
The whole article is interesting. One guy in particular is the owner of a school for media professionals. It trains models, singers, cameramen, announcers, etc. It used to be a government school but by the special kind of magic available here it became, presto chango, a private school owned by this guy.

He comes off on TV as a flimflam man. I hear he is in the Rada now and is just looking to keep his seat. Maybe keeping that seat is his way of keeping the school. Or maybe it keeps the students rolling in, students he uses by the way to perform in his TV variety shows. They get school credit for it, I think. Very good of him don't you think?

But this is the disgusting mess that is the Ukrainian Parliament. I say disgusting because there appear to be only a few in it for the people and for the country. Striking it rich or keeping the money flowing appear to be the number one concern for some of them. And it doesn't look like it will get any better anytime soon.

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