Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Cabinet of Ministers blockade

On the news last night they showed the blockade of the Cabinet of Ministers building. The Cabinet of Ministers is like our own Cabinet, the ministers being like our own secretaries of Interior, of State, etc. The blockade has prevented these ministers from going to work.

But they tried yesterday. One of them told one of the protestors that he needed to go to work. The protestor responded with something like, “All the time you sat in your office making decisions that affected my life, you never talked to me once about any of it. And my life was the worse for it. Now you are talking to me and wanting to go in? No, I don’t think I will be letting you.”

But they weren’t preventing everyone from going in. The list of people they were letting in was security people, cleaning people, and two women from the cafeteria “because people have to eat.” But over 400 others they are keeping out.

One woman, an office secretary, said that she had work to do and needed to go in. That they weren’t letting her in violated her right to work guaranteed by the Constitution. She has a point.

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