Monday, December 27, 2004

Transportation minister found dead

Ukraine Pravda is reporting that the transportation minister, Kirpa, who so displeased Yanukovych (reported here) was found dead in his dacha of apparent gunshot wounds. A pistol was found nearby.

The details are not all that clear at this time but it does look awfully suspicious. Maybe they will find the entry wounds in the back and a suicide note.


Anonymous said...


That Yanukovych is strongly implicated in this can not go unnoticed by the public, or law enforcement investigators.

What absolutely boggles my mind is the overall criminality of much of Ukraine government itself. Those within that are not criminals can not act to bring justice without facing dire consequences, as this murdered man did.

Sadly, I fear it will be many years yet before endemic criminality will be reduced to civilized levels, enough that this kind of event is not the frequent event we have been seeing.

Anonymous said...

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