Friday, December 03, 2004

Why orange?

I didn't know this but it was reported by the Christian Science Monitor that the color orange was chosen because it reminded Yuschenko of the color of the sun as it rose above the Carpathian Mountains in western Ukraine.

I've been to the Carpathians with my wife. The mountains are beautiful with high, green meadows. I don't remember the color of the sun but I do remember the color of the mountains. Green they were.


Anonymous said...

uki Pravda has an article stating that ir originally
symbolized honey and bees.
Elsewhere I read that it was chosen because it is a 'warm' color, unlike blue, and red was already taken. I like to fantasize that it was chosen because orange is the color of the coral that used to be found in the Balck Sea. Necklaces were made from the corral and it was traditional for a mother to give a string of it to her daughter, who would add a string of corral and pass it on to her daughter, and so on and so on, easch string of corral symbolizing a generation. I have seen such necklaces with as many as 20 and when worn, they look like a draped shield or breastplate.

mpc said...

I always thought that Yushenko picked Orange to piss off Yanukovich's base in Donetsk, as Orange is the color of the soccer team there, Shaktyar Donetsk.