Thursday, December 30, 2004

Needs gloves to protect his knuckles

This guy is really some piece of work. The Kyiv Post quotes him in this article--Kyiv Post. Cabinet building blocked etc-- as saying

"'It is a matter of my principles not to submit a resignation,' Yanukovych said. 'I know why they insist on that ... they are shivering with fear.'" (emphasis mine)

Shivering with fear, huh? I'm surprised he didn't say something about smelling it.

This is a guy who used the slogan "Power and Strength" for the original election and meant it. This is the guy who can't keep tough-guy prison slang out of his speech when he talks because it makes his point with more ease. This is the guy who most likely hit the transportation minister in some fit of rage and who was reported to have sent his wife to the dentist with some teeth knocked out. This is the guy who had his under-thugs beat men--and old women too-- to keep them from voting. This is the guy who wanted to rid the square of the protestors but had no assets locally to do it. And who knows the extent of the things he has done in the dark. We may soon find out about them. I hope we do. People will then see him stand revealed in the light of day for what he is.

The fact is that Yanukovych is a thug, a brutal, Neanderthal kind of a creature who dominates by force or by fear. He has no other way. And I think he takes delight in it. The people of the Ukraine ought to be very weary of him and of those like him. They have after all been subjected to his type not only during the Soviet era but for long centuries before that under the tzars. Some are tired of him, the point of the protests. But a lot in the east are not and see his kind as their hope. In fact, for some of these people, he is their ideal kind of leader and the brutality an asset, if you can believe it.

Makes me want to puke.

UPDATE: I just found the whole quote and it's worse:

Let them continue their lawlessness, but, as a matter of principle, I will not submit a resignation," Yanukovych told journalists on 29 December. "I know why they insist on my resignation," he added. "It is because they are shivering with fear now, just as they did in the beginning. And they have every reason to think so. We will have our say in the future -- in the near future."

The smell of fear about them all and the threats that he will bide his time until he can make his point in the most effective way, using the methods he has always used. All this directed at the Ukranian people. The problem with it is that his little world has changed around him. What might have worked a couple of months back will not work now. But the thug continues to speak and the stuff continues to spill out.

Such a fall from power and the world changing right out from under him may have once seemed to make him someone to pity. But now he's to be despised.

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