Monday, December 20, 2004

A Possible Terrorist Act

In the comments to the last post, the indefatigable Ron points us to this report: Maidan - News - Hryhorij Omelchenko Denounces a Terror Act Being Prepared in Kyiv on December 27-28

Hryhorij Omelchenko denounces a terror act being prepared in Kyiv on December 27-28

Tonight in an ERA TV Channel broadcast, H. Omelchenko announced that fire-arms to be used by armed groups in Kyiv on December 27-28 had been brought from Sevastopol to Donetsk. The aim of the terror act is to provoke violence and give pretext for the introduction of the state of emergency and the prolongation of Kuchma’s plenary powers.

These groups are the same people Yanukovych meant when he was speaking about the “self-defense squads”. Interior Ministry leadership knows about the operation, but they took the stand of non-interference.

Thirty squads of 30 persons have already been prepared. The members of these groups are mostly criminals and sportsmen. Each group is headed by a “Berkut” special forces officer. By now the squads are equipped with weapons by 30 per cent of the planned. Omelchenko made public the complete list of these arms.

Yanukovych knows about the operation and is afraid to launch it, but his nearest surrounding, including Akhmetov and Kluyev, insists on its realization. The arms have been purchased from the Black Sea Navy of the Russian Federation. V. Putin is also aware of the planned actions.

H. Omelchenko addressed V. Putin with a demand to take immediate measures on the level of the Black Sea Navy command. L. Kuchma knows about the operation as well.

This morning H. Omelchenko has contacted A.Kluyev’s aide warning him about the possible consequences.

During the broadcast Omelchenko spoke Russian on purpose, so he could be understood without translation in Russia.

On Monday H. Omelchenko intends to speak to Smeshko, the Head of Ukrainian Security Service, to initiate an immediate investigation and to take adequate measures. He will also try to contact Yanukovych. During the broadcast he appealed to Yanukovych saying that he, as a believer, must stop and not cross a certain limit.

We wil have more to say on this in another post.


Anonymous said...


This is hot...The contents of 'the package' were never made public, prior to the vote. There was no public debate, no democratic 'transparency.'

The Rada undermined democracy, kept corrupt oligarchic influence in place and voted themselves powers the Ukrainian people would not have given them in a public vote.

This should be mandatory reading for the Ukrainian electorate. They might then realize that the only member of the Rada that attempted to do the right thing for the people was Yulia Tymoshenko.

Unknown said...

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