Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A message to Putin

For a couple of days, a roll of orange material was down on the square for people to sign. This was being called a letter to Putin telling him to back off of Ukraine. It was available there for people to write their own message to Putin and many people did. The roll was around 125 yards long and ended up filled with messages from people on the square to Vladimir Putin.

Yesterday, a group went to delver it to the Russian embassy in Kiev. They held it open in front for awhile and then rolled it up to give to the security people at the gate. They said it was a letter for Putin from the Ukrainian people.

But the security guards at the gate said that any correspondence had to come by mail. That was standard procedure. “OK, so we’ll send it by mail.” Now a large orange roll filled with messages for Putin is on its way to the Russian embassy. He probably will never get it but it is a little bit of a lighthearted response to the sneers that Putin has had for the Ukraine.

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Anonymous said...

I love it...

They should follow it with a diplomatic decree telling Putin he is no longer welcome in the Ukraine nation - signed by the new president, and members of the parliament.