Monday, December 06, 2004

Some rumors

There are rumors that Kuchma is trying to get his money offshore and into some petrochemical interests in Venezuela. This is a funny one because I was talking to my wife the other day about where some of these people could go. I said that South America is always welcoming. Just look at the, umm, Germans who found refuge there after the war.

It is also rumored that Kuchma is negotiating with the opposition for some sort of immunity in return for his support. This one is a little harder to believe because of the kind of defiance you read from him here. (via Neeka.) But you never know, he might be trying to get the best deal in private while he blusters and blows in public.

It is a bit funny to see him interviewed in his dacha, his country estate and know that he is there because his office is being blockaded. It may be too soon, but he is a lot smaller looking now than he looked a couple of months ago.

In my wanderings last week, I passed by a van blocking the street on which the presidential administration is situated. That is the street with the tents and the police in riot gear. In the window of that van, there was a drawing of Kuchma with Yoda ears. He does look something like him but I wonder what this means. I thought Darth Vader went over to the dark side until he was rehabilitated? In this there must be a great mystery.


Anonymous said...

Have read that K was offered immunity BUT it does not elaborate when this was on the table, under what circumstances, why, ... For someone to 'put out' this type of info., now, could be motivated by the following reasons: to smear Yuschenko, to drive a wedge between him and his supporters, to discredit the validity of the democracy movement or for some other, as yet, unfathomable reasons.

Scott W. Clark said...

You are right of course. I am just amused by him today. I'll probably be warier tomorrow.