Monday, December 06, 2004

Kuchma at fault

Yanukovych declared today that Kuchma is at fault for the state of the nation right now. He argues that everything was fine when he was in office.

No honor among thieves, it looks like.

This might be his way of getting back in the race with some sort of salable position. Point to his record and kick Kuchma "the Despised." This makes a little more sense if it is. That it does must mean the Russian advisors aren't back.

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Anonymous said...

'the Russian advisors aren't back' - I concur completely. I think that there is scrambling going on until a new plan is formed which will not be so obvious. I doubt that Kuchma will be traveling to Moscow but see 'advisors' flocking to Kyiv. What are the odds that Putin will visit East Ukraine or Kyiv in about a week or two weeks?