Thursday, December 02, 2004

Yanukovych support

A friend of ours called her dad who lives in Donetsk, one of the cities from the Donbass region where there is secession talk. She asked him who he voted for and his response was, “Yuschenko, of course.” But he also said that when he was asked who he would vote for, he always told anyone asking, Yanukovych.

One voter does not any kind of sample make but it does suggest that there might (might, might, might) be something wrong both with the way the east has been characterized (east=Russian speaker=Yanukovych supporter=Russian affinity) and with any type of polling data from there. There’s really no way of knowing what his support is either from the fraudulent 21st election returns or from any polling if people are not telling the truth to polsters. (I think this was also a problem here in Kiev.) They may feel they risk too much by making their preferences known.

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