Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Vote of dismissal

The Ukrainian Parliament just voted 229 to 8 to dismiss the governrment. There were 237 deputies there which was enough for a quorum so it was a legitimate vote.

That sounds to me like a vote of no confidence though I don’t know if that has the effect here it would have in a country like Great Britain. But it is significant still. And to paraphrase an old cowboy movie, “I don't know what it is (they will do). But whatever it is, it’ll be leegal.”

The news is reporting that Kuchma and the Speaker, Lytvyn, must now form a government, so it does sound like a no confidence vote.

The government has fallen then, that is if the law is followed. But we are not really in territory that is defined by law. It is the masses on the street that are driving this thing and not the law or the constitution. I do think though that Yuschenko wants the stamp of legitimacy on his government so the law is not a non-issue for him. But I am convinced he will take what he gets.

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Anonymous said...

Great news, Scott - just got it a few minutes ago via a post on Captains Quarters blog pointing to a Yahoo version of the Reuters original. You and the OrangeUkraine website are the first there to carry the news to us here in the US.

(At least - I hope this is great news - not the trigger that could bring worse news!)

The question is what with the Supreme Court do there now?

Seems to me the decision is academic - there should be no need for another election. There is more than enough proof of who won this one - and that winner should be declare by the outgoing president, the Supreme Court and the Parliament. (In my perfect world, I gues...*g*)